Mechanosensing by Piezo1 and its implications for physiology and various pathologies, 2022

Topics: Piezo1; mechanoreceptor; mechanosensitive ion channel; mechanotransduction; shear stress.

Authors: Austin Lai, Charles D Cox, Nadia Chandra Sekar, Peter Thurgood, Anthony Jaworowski, Karlheinz Peter, Sara Baratchi


Piezo1 is a mechanosensitive ion channel with essential roles in cardiovascular, lung, urinary, and immune functions. Piezo1 is widely distributed in different tissues in the human body and its specific roles have been identified following a decade of research; however, not all are well understood. Many structural and functional characteristics of Piezo1 have been discovered and are known to differ greatly from the characteristics of other mechanosensitive ion channels. Understanding the mechanisms by which this ion channel functions may be useful in determining its physiological roles in various organ systems. This review provides insight into the signalling pathways activated by mechanical stimulation of Piezo1 in various organ systems and cell types. We discuss downstream targets of Piezo1 and the overall effects resulting from Piezo1 activation, which may provide insights into potential treatment targets for diseases involving this ion channel.

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