Mathematical model of fiber orientation in anisotropic fascia layers at large displacements, 2012

Topics: Fascial; Reinforcement; Collagen fibers; Re-orientation; Tension

Authors: Hans Chaudhry, Max Roman, Antonio Stecco, Thomas Findley


A mathematical model is developed to determine the relationship between stretch and the orientation of fibers in the fascia. The transversely isotropic stress- strain relation for large displacements valid for the human fascia reinforced by the collagen fibers is employed. The relation between the orientation of fibers in the un-deformed and deformed state depending upon the stretch is plotted. It is observed that for greater fiber angle orientation, the fibers are more resistant to reorientation as the fascia is stretched longitudinally. It is also concluded that the reinforced fascia will always be in tension as the stretch is applied. However, we suggest future research to resolve the tension and compression issues in fascia.

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